Roger’s Quiz – Week Five

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Where am I? This place is a bit inhospitable I am glad I brought some Oxygen with me. They recon it is number four, F the S. I don’t think I will stay here as there is nothing to drink !
  2. Which member of the Leadership at HV once said to me “If you cannot remember my name then just think of Walkers Crisps”?
  3. Decipher the name of this country. BZNUKSIANE?
  4. Which famous film has the closing classic lines of ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a dam’?
  5. In times past. Chemist Shops/ Pharmacy’s had two large bottles in the window. What colours were they and what did they contain?
  6. What was the name of Sir Francis Drakes Ship?
  7. How long do you think it takes to boil an Ostrich Egg? I will allow 5mins. Each way. I don’t think they sell them down at the Co op.
  8. Where not too far from Stonehenge is another Neolithic Circle of stones?
  9. What is the cube root of 512?
  10. Who is this group of entertainers. A description of a person who states just what they think. — A low point— A year with Vivaldi?
  11. Who never needed to visit the BC ASDA for Flour & Oil again after being obedient and giving sustenance to a Man of God?
  12. Who in 1969 won the Golf Open Championship?
  13. Which very tasty Sea Fish caught mostly in the SW Approaches is this. It is a two- word answer. First word. The name of the writer of the Non-Synoptic Gospel. Second. A mis-spelt fable?
  14. Give the name of the four Race Courses in Surrey. And for an extra point name a fifth which closed in the 60s and is now a housing estate? It was within 12ml. of New Haw.
  15. What is Stinking Bishop?
  16. What is the connection between the Church of ‘All Saints Wittenburg’ and Martin Luther in the 16ct?
  17. What was ‘Operation Black Buck’ that took place 28 yrs. ago in April.
  18. What Sea Side Resort is this. It has an Airport and maybe a Pearly King & Queen might take a holiday there?
  19. What is different about the Buses that run all week through New Haw between Woking and Staines and when they run on a Sunday?Two part answer.
  20. Which Cathedral did Sir Basil Spence build after WW2 having presented the winning design?