Roger’s Quiz – Week Nine

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Who did Arthur Wellesley become?
  2. Where am I? I am looking at a signpost. Over there to my left is a playing field about three times the length of a soccer pitch. What goes on there I wonder. Now that one is pointing back over my head. Strange name for a garden. I thought that where tailoring happened. O yes and look at that thing, all those weird faces. It is a long way from home, that needed more than a penknife to carve. That Mere looks lovely. Do the PISCUS in it belong to HMQ?
  3. In the children’s animated cartoon by Oliver Postgate of ‘Ivor the Engine’. How did ‘Jones the Steam’ light up Ivor’s fire when the wood was wet?
  4. When I was 12yrs old. I wrote in to try and get on ‘Double Your Money on ITV. I was too young but I did get on the Radio version on 208 Radio Luxembourg. Can you guess what my subject was that won me £32?
  5. Where is this in Surrey—Tanned Cranium?
  6. What is the shortest book in the New Testament?
  7. Who was the first One Million Pound football transfer signing?
  8. What is the longest mountain range in the world?
  9. How many makers of makers of British cars made over the last eighty years can you name that start with the letter A?
  10. Which Surrey Village is this? Please do not confuse me with the one in ‘Gods own County’.
  11. Take the no. of Furlongs in a mile and multiply it by the no. of yards in a chain. Then add the no. of half inches in the gauge of the Vale of Rheidol Railway in Mid Wales. Then add the number of time zones in China. Then divide the sum by the number of quarter inches in a Fathom.
  12. Place these Places of Worship in the correct local Town or Village (all within of 8 miles of New Haw and South of the Thames. Guide- A= C o E. M= Methodist. C= Catholic. 1pt. for a correct answer. * 2 pts. For non- use of map sor Tel/dir. Therefore 20 or even 40 points available in total.
    1. A – St. Pauls.
    2. A – St. Pauls.
    3. A – St. Mary Magdalen.
    4. M – Trinity.
    5. A – Holy Trinity.
    6. C – St. Anne’s.
    7. A – St. Mary’s.
    8. A – St. Mary’s.
    9. A – St. James.
    10. A – St. Peters.
    11. A – St. Peters.
    12. A – Church of The Good Shepherd.
    13. A – St. Nicholas.
    14. A – Christ Church.
    15. A – Christ Church.
    16. A – St. Johns.
    17. A – St. Johns.
    18. A – St. Andrews.
    19. A – St. Lawrence’s.
    20. A – St. Marys where my son was married.
  13. Football again. Which is the only place in the Eng/Scott. League to have the letter J for Juliet. In its name?
  14. Who in a lovely Bible story said “Where you go, I shall go”?
  15. From which country is the largest amount of LITHIUM mined?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Eight

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Of what Country is Victoria the Capital?
  2. Give the names of as many makers of Model Railway Sets (Train Sets) as you can. 1pt. for each. Not individual Loco makers like Bassett Lowke.
  3. What is the difference between a Pilchard and a Sardine?
  4. So, you are out rambling on a very windy day. Your map blows away. It is very cloudy and you have no compass. You know the general direction you need to take is South Easterly. Looking down to some lower land you see a Parish Church. You draw closer to it. How can this building aid you in taking the correct choice of direction? Oh and its weather vane is broken.
  5. Do you remember the Lone Ranger from an earlier question? When, he had completed a mission he would leave behind a souvenir with the grateful folk who often asked ‘who was that guy’? What was it?
  6. How many time Zones are there in China?
  7. Who spent a lot of time walking in Cumbria making maps and guides for others to enjoy later?
  8. In which Comedy Film did ‘Sugar Cane’ sing as ‘Dorothy and Daphne’ played?
  9. Who was the first Female Golfer?
  10. In which sport do you win by going backwards?
  11. Which Village in Surrey is this? A useful thing when shopping and what the guy on the porridge packet is holding.
  12. How many Bronte Sisters were there and what were their names? Must be answered in full!
  13. In the Radio Goon Show. Who was the fiendish accomplice of Count Moriarty?
  14. In the Bible who had a very unpredictable Donkey?
  15. In the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter sliced off the ear of someone called Malchus. Whose servant was he?
  16. How long is the Panama Canal (in miles)? You can have 5 each way.
  17. In which year did ITV first air ‘Coronation St’?
  18. Which of these is not a Mammal a Dolphin-Whale Shark or Orang-utan?
  19. What is the Smallest County in the Republic of Ireland?
  20. In the Thomas the Tank Engine series. What was Trevor?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Seven

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Where am I? Security what! let’s have a look around. Now that place over there is where one of those Creepy Crawlies lived. O I had better stand aside and let these RR go by. That one had the Reg. no. of MOV 1T. I think the guy driving was ‘Peter Pan’. Here’s another one coming. This reg. is MAG IC. On we go. Cor that’s some pad. I think one of those ‘Ogleimacs’ or whatever they are called lives there. When I was young me and the girl next door used to come here and go carol singing. We earned a packet. Happy Days.
  2. What measurement is used to give the Height of a Horse?
  3. What is the collective name for a group of Owls.
  4. How many names can you give for Cinemas to which we may have gone to in times past? Run this one past your mum and dad. Your starter for one point is ‘The Gaumont’. 1pt. for each name. I thought of 8 can you beat it. No * * needed for this one. And I will award 1pt for any list that exceeds 8 vis. 1 for 9; 2 for 10 and so on.
  5. Who in a TV Sit Com. Was the elderly Female Neighbour of the long suffering Margaret, who was married to Victor?
  6. When you see a Flash of Lightening in a Thunder Storm. How can you roughly estimate how far away it was?
  7. The Hurricane and the Spitfire won the Aerial Battles of WW2 for us. Which one destroyed more Enemy Planes than the other?
  8. When you use the Remote Control to change the Channel on your TV what part of the Light Spectrum are you using?
  9. What is a Bombay Oyster.
  10. Where in Woodham do the Residents have the Tidiest Grass in the garden?
  11. Who wrote/composed the Oratorio, ‘The Creation’?
  12. Of what Country was King Zogu the King at one time?
  13. What event connects Fletcher Christian and the Pitcairn & Tahiti Islands?
  14. Name the crew of the TRUMPTON Fire Brigade. 1pt. for each. 7 of! Come on think back we all enjoyed it whatever our age. You can have a Bonus if you can name the presenter who voiced it! If you cannot remember don’t worry. Clue there somewhere. Again no * * for this one.
  15. What was the name of King Arthur’s wife?
  16. From what tree were ‘The Wooden Walls of England’ constructed?
  17. Years ago when listened to ‘Radio Luxembourg’. What No. on the dial was it?
  18. What is the name of the near circular little boats that a fisherman would stand in and get around on rivers?
  19. Where on the Welsh Boarders is the place often called ‘Book Heaven’?
  20. What mechanical function is described in the schoolboy analogy of -Suck-Squeeze-Pop-Bang?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Six

Answers to Roger by Wednesday!

  1. What is a ‘Corvette’?
  2. Of which country is ‘Freetown’ the Capitol and do you know how it got its name?- Two part question.
  3. Who invented and developed the drink ‘Pepsi Cola’?
  4. What is the highest point in Surrey and what day of the week could you go through to reach it?
  5. Give the names of the persons who set off to where! On a certain Grey Mare? Who owned it. Half a point for each name (riders and owner) and a whole point for the destination.
  6. My Mum sent me down to the Co op to buy some bits and told me I could keep any change. She gave a me Half Crown. She wanted Spuds. Carrots and some Sprouts. The Spuds were seven pence ha’penny. The Carrots were a Tanner a Pound and I bought one Pound and Eight Ounces worth. A bag of Sprouts were a Shilling. On the way home I bought a Penny Dreadful in Chuters. How much did I have left?
  7. Take the no. of degrees in a circle. Then take the width measurement of Standard Gauge Railway track in feet and inches. Change this no. to the no. of half inches that are between the tracks. Add them together and multiply that amount by 481? What number do you now arrive at. As a special concession this week persons who are not members of the Heathervale Steam Appreciation Society may look up Standard gauge on Mr. Google!
  8. Who took her young Son together with a Three year old bull and an Epath of flour and a Skin of wine to the house of the Lord at Shiloh?
  9. Which Motorway would you be on if you travelling into the Southampton area?
  10. Name five bones in the Human Body starting with the letter S (Sierra) with a Max of Seven letters?
  11. What name connects the Heroine of Hardy’s. Far from the Madding Crowd and a Woman whose husband David plans the murder of?
  12. Where is the Northern Most Railway Station in the UK.
  13. Name all the Spice Girls in 1998?
  14. Of what food item is a Portobello a large variety?
  15. What is the World’s Longest River?
  16. Where am I? It has some places with strange names. Like an area of water but there is not any. Somewhere the Beatles were going and a place of undrinkable water?
  17. On what day in 1066 was William the Con. crowned?
  18. What Village in Surrey is this: A Baby Food Maker and a Primary Colour?
  19. What calculation is used to obtain the area of a circle?
  20. Who in a Film, steered, pushed and pulled a boat through a river basin in a Southern Hemisphere location?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Five

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Where am I? This place is a bit inhospitable I am glad I brought some Oxygen with me. They recon it is number four, F the S. I don’t think I will stay here as there is nothing to drink !
  2. Which member of the Leadership at HV once said to me “If you cannot remember my name then just think of Walkers Crisps”?
  3. Decipher the name of this country. BZNUKSIANE?
  4. Which famous film has the closing classic lines of ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a dam’?
  5. In times past. Chemist Shops/ Pharmacy’s had two large bottles in the window. What colours were they and what did they contain?
  6. What was the name of Sir Francis Drakes Ship?
  7. How long do you think it takes to boil an Ostrich Egg? I will allow 5mins. Each way. I don’t think they sell them down at the Co op.
  8. Where not too far from Stonehenge is another Neolithic Circle of stones?
  9. What is the cube root of 512?
  10. Who is this group of entertainers. A description of a person who states just what they think. — A low point— A year with Vivaldi?
  11. Who never needed to visit the BC ASDA for Flour & Oil again after being obedient and giving sustenance to a Man of God?
  12. Who in 1969 won the Golf Open Championship?
  13. Which very tasty Sea Fish caught mostly in the SW Approaches is this. It is a two- word answer. First word. The name of the writer of the Non-Synoptic Gospel. Second. A mis-spelt fable?
  14. Give the name of the four Race Courses in Surrey. And for an extra point name a fifth which closed in the 60s and is now a housing estate? It was within 12ml. of New Haw.
  15. What is Stinking Bishop?
  16. What is the connection between the Church of ‘All Saints Wittenburg’ and Martin Luther in the 16ct?
  17. What was ‘Operation Black Buck’ that took place 28 yrs. ago in April.
  18. What Sea Side Resort is this. It has an Airport and maybe a Pearly King & Queen might take a holiday there?
  19. What is different about the Buses that run all week through New Haw between Woking and Staines and when they run on a Sunday?Two part answer.
  20. Which Cathedral did Sir Basil Spence build after WW2 having presented the winning design?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Four

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Who am I? I was on the night shift. It was a bit chilly. Tightening my cloak I settled down on a pile of straw. Someone was singing, “why don’t they shut up”, I thought. Just then the whole place started shaking like mad. There was commotion. I looked down the corridor to see all the doors swinging open. There all going to escape I’m done for. My sword where is it? I must fall on it. Then a voice shouted out “Stop, don’t do it. We are all here”. What happened next was nothing but amazing.
  2. Where in 1666 did someone overcook their supper?
  3. Which of the ‘Great Lakes’ is the largest?
  4. Which famous Cricketer was known as the Doctor?
  5. At Yuletide we have Christmas Cake. What for many is the Cake for Easter?
  6. If you add the distance to the Moon to the distance we are from the Sun. Then times it by the circumference of Earth. What number do you end up with? Please note all numbers to be rounded up or down to the nearest Million or Thousand Miles therefore giving you ‘Lots of Zeros’. You can use a calculator if it has a big enough screen!
  7. Where is ‘Easter Island’?
  8. Which English Sea Side resort is this? On a clear day if you stand on a high point you might see where the ‘Men of Harlech’ come from. O look out! Here comes one of those magnificent Equines. She is heading East, that wrong?
  9. In which sport did Tony Brooks take part?
  10. Which unit of Imperial weight is also the name of an endangered creature?
  11. Where not too far away! Were the world famous ‘Treacle Mines’ situated?
  12. Which song by ‘Abba’ is number one in the Top Ten of their songs?
  13. Name the Lock where the River Wey and the Navigation Canal separate?
  14. Who went ‘Cleaning Windows’ with his little Ukulele nearby?
  15. What is Addressed during a Caledonia celebration in January?
  16. What is the date on the ‘Grange Parade’ Stone Plaque over a local shop that was once our PO? This may be difficult with the ‘Stay in advice’ so here it is in Roman Numerals vis: MCMXXXIV.
  17. Who composed a Piano Concerto called the ‘Emperor’?
  18. What is the largest of the ‘Tigers’ in the world?
  19. Why is there a slight difference in the sound timing if you are listening on FM and the person in the room next door is following the same programme on a Sky Channel?
  20. Now if your car is less than 16yrs old and is not a Diesel then it will have one of these in it—– TAALCITYC NORVREETC – Decipher?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Three

Here are the questions for Roger’s Quiz this week – answers to Roger by Thursday!

  1. Think about that book in the Bible with 150 entries. To how to these does ‘Pointing’ apply?
  2. Who in around 634 landed at Lindisfarne Island and was one of those who bought Christianity to our land?
  3. On which Holiday Island would you be if you had landed at MAHON?
  4. What is the National Sport of Canada? It is not hockey.
  5. What is Jambalaya?
  6. What in MPS is the speed of light?
  7. Which species of Penguin is found near to the North Pole?
  8. Which Yuletide Village is found in Surrey?
  9. Which ‘Dames’ were found in Lavender?
  10. Which Aeronautical Co. Built the ‘Javelins’?
  11. To where did some of us in times past go on Easter day to worship as the sun came up? It is not Newark Priory.
  12. Who is this— xxx the Terrible ? Gain extra points for dates!
  13. Where in New Haw could you see a Row of Poplars?
  14. Who’s maiden name was Yvonne Golagong?
  15. From which beast would we obtain ‘Pressed Tongue’?
  16. Multiply the no. of Rolls in a Bakers Dozen by the length of a Cricket Pitch. Add to this the no. of Books in the Bible. Subtract the no. of pence in an Old Pound. Multiply by the number of wheels on ‘Del Boys’ Company Transport. Square it. And finally add the age of the man who says we should all take our daily exercise. What’s the answer?
  17. Which is the Cat that can out run all others?
  18. Name the Hospital that was sited in Pyrford and that specialized in ORTHOPAEDICS?
  19. Find the name of this piece of Piano Music– BESTLIEMUAR?
  20. Where locally might you see a ROUTEMASTER and what is it?

Roger’s Quiz – Week Two

To help keep us busy, Roger has started providing a weekly quiz. Week one was circulated by email, but here are the questions for week two. Answers to be submitted to Roger by Thursday.

  1. Who was Abraham’s 2nd wife?
  2. In 1533 who did Henry the 8th divorce and marry Anne Boleyn? – Full name required.
  3. Where might you hear about ‘Rockall’?
  4. Decipher the following to find the name of a local Golf Course. AISIDTTRNO
  5. Which Veg, has varieties of: Figaro & St. Valery?
  6. What is known by the electrical fact that Current in a circuit is equal to the Potential Difference ( Voltage) applied divided by the opposing Resistance being met? It is someone’s law.
  7. What is the largest FISH in the seas?
  8. Give the name and location of the two Abbeys within 5miles of New Haw?
  9. Which ‘Cowboy’ do you think of when you hear the William Tell overture by Rossini?
  10. Back in the days when we rode bikes! What did ‘Sturmey’ Archer’ and ‘Miller’ manufacture?
  11. What is the major religion of Japan?
  12. From which local road would we have accessed an Open Air, Swimming Pool? The buildings are still there!
  13. There are two Castle/ Monastery’s sitting on Tidal Islands one in France and one in the UK with very similar names. What are they called?
  14. What game did Chris on the ‘Eggheads’ say was a lot of overpaid men kicking an inflated ‘Pigs Bladder’ around?
  15. What tasty snack would ‘Emrys Jones’ a wonderful founder member of HV probably enjoyed? He married the widow of the first minister of our church.
  16. Number 10 on the Periodic Table is what gaseous element?
  17. Which very large ‘Raptor’ is now often seen in the Sky’s above New Haw?
  18. Where might you find a lot of Rabbits in New Haw?
  19. How can you tell that an upright piano is an ‘Overstrung’ one?
  20. What is the major difference between the type of train that would take you from Woking to Bournemouth and one that would take you from Woking to Exeter?