Roger’s Quiz – Week Nine

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Who did Arthur Wellesley become?
  2. Where am I? I am looking at a signpost. Over there to my left is a playing field about three times the length of a soccer pitch. What goes on there I wonder. Now that one is pointing back over my head. Strange name for a garden. I thought that where tailoring happened. O yes and look at that thing, all those weird faces. It is a long way from home, that needed more than a penknife to carve. That Mere looks lovely. Do the PISCUS in it belong to HMQ?
  3. In the children’s animated cartoon by Oliver Postgate of ‘Ivor the Engine’. How did ‘Jones the Steam’ light up Ivor’s fire when the wood was wet?
  4. When I was 12yrs old. I wrote in to try and get on ‘Double Your Money on ITV. I was too young but I did get on the Radio version on 208 Radio Luxembourg. Can you guess what my subject was that won me £32?
  5. Where is this in Surrey—Tanned Cranium?
  6. What is the shortest book in the New Testament?
  7. Who was the first One Million Pound football transfer signing?
  8. What is the longest mountain range in the world?
  9. How many makers of makers of British cars made over the last eighty years can you name that start with the letter A?
  10. Which Surrey Village is this? Please do not confuse me with the one in ‘Gods own County’.
  11. Take the no. of Furlongs in a mile and multiply it by the no. of yards in a chain. Then add the no. of half inches in the gauge of the Vale of Rheidol Railway in Mid Wales. Then add the number of time zones in China. Then divide the sum by the number of quarter inches in a Fathom.
  12. Place these Places of Worship in the correct local Town or Village (all within of 8 miles of New Haw and South of the Thames. Guide- A= C o E. M= Methodist. C= Catholic. 1pt. for a correct answer. * 2 pts. For non- use of map sor Tel/dir. Therefore 20 or even 40 points available in total.
    1. A – St. Pauls.
    2. A – St. Pauls.
    3. A – St. Mary Magdalen.
    4. M – Trinity.
    5. A – Holy Trinity.
    6. C – St. Anne’s.
    7. A – St. Mary’s.
    8. A – St. Mary’s.
    9. A – St. James.
    10. A – St. Peters.
    11. A – St. Peters.
    12. A – Church of The Good Shepherd.
    13. A – St. Nicholas.
    14. A – Christ Church.
    15. A – Christ Church.
    16. A – St. Johns.
    17. A – St. Johns.
    18. A – St. Andrews.
    19. A – St. Lawrence’s.
    20. A – St. Marys where my son was married.
  13. Football again. Which is the only place in the Eng/Scott. League to have the letter J for Juliet. In its name?
  14. Who in a lovely Bible story said “Where you go, I shall go”?
  15. From which country is the largest amount of LITHIUM mined?