Roger’s Quiz – Week Eight

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Of what Country is Victoria the Capital?
  2. Give the names of as many makers of Model Railway Sets (Train Sets) as you can. 1pt. for each. Not individual Loco makers like Bassett Lowke.
  3. What is the difference between a Pilchard and a Sardine?
  4. So, you are out rambling on a very windy day. Your map blows away. It is very cloudy and you have no compass. You know the general direction you need to take is South Easterly. Looking down to some lower land you see a Parish Church. You draw closer to it. How can this building aid you in taking the correct choice of direction? Oh and its weather vane is broken.
  5. Do you remember the Lone Ranger from an earlier question? When, he had completed a mission he would leave behind a souvenir with the grateful folk who often asked ‘who was that guy’? What was it?
  6. How many time Zones are there in China?
  7. Who spent a lot of time walking in Cumbria making maps and guides for others to enjoy later?
  8. In which Comedy Film did ‘Sugar Cane’ sing as ‘Dorothy and Daphne’ played?
  9. Who was the first Female Golfer?
  10. In which sport do you win by going backwards?
  11. Which Village in Surrey is this? A useful thing when shopping and what the guy on the porridge packet is holding.
  12. How many Bronte Sisters were there and what were their names? Must be answered in full!
  13. In the Radio Goon Show. Who was the fiendish accomplice of Count Moriarty?
  14. In the Bible who had a very unpredictable Donkey?
  15. In the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter sliced off the ear of someone called Malchus. Whose servant was he?
  16. How long is the Panama Canal (in miles)? You can have 5 each way.
  17. In which year did ITV first air ‘Coronation St’?
  18. Which of these is not a Mammal a Dolphin-Whale Shark or Orang-utan?
  19. What is the Smallest County in the Republic of Ireland?
  20. In the Thomas the Tank Engine series. What was Trevor?