Roger’s Quiz – Week Seven

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Where am I? Security what! let’s have a look around. Now that place over there is where one of those Creepy Crawlies lived. O I had better stand aside and let these RR go by. That one had the Reg. no. of MOV 1T. I think the guy driving was ‘Peter Pan’. Here’s another one coming. This reg. is MAG IC. On we go. Cor that’s some pad. I think one of those ‘Ogleimacs’ or whatever they are called lives there. When I was young me and the girl next door used to come here and go carol singing. We earned a packet. Happy Days.
  2. What measurement is used to give the Height of a Horse?
  3. What is the collective name for a group of Owls.
  4. How many names can you give for Cinemas to which we may have gone to in times past? Run this one past your mum and dad. Your starter for one point is ‘The Gaumont’. 1pt. for each name. I thought of 8 can you beat it. No * * needed for this one. And I will award 1pt for any list that exceeds 8 vis. 1 for 9; 2 for 10 and so on.
  5. Who in a TV Sit Com. Was the elderly Female Neighbour of the long suffering Margaret, who was married to Victor?
  6. When you see a Flash of Lightening in a Thunder Storm. How can you roughly estimate how far away it was?
  7. The Hurricane and the Spitfire won the Aerial Battles of WW2 for us. Which one destroyed more Enemy Planes than the other?
  8. When you use the Remote Control to change the Channel on your TV what part of the Light Spectrum are you using?
  9. What is a Bombay Oyster.
  10. Where in Woodham do the Residents have the Tidiest Grass in the garden?
  11. Who wrote/composed the Oratorio, ‘The Creation’?
  12. Of what Country was King Zogu the King at one time?
  13. What event connects Fletcher Christian and the Pitcairn & Tahiti Islands?
  14. Name the crew of the TRUMPTON Fire Brigade. 1pt. for each. 7 of! Come on think back we all enjoyed it whatever our age. You can have a Bonus if you can name the presenter who voiced it! If you cannot remember don’t worry. Clue there somewhere. Again no * * for this one.
  15. What was the name of King Arthur’s wife?
  16. From what tree were ‘The Wooden Walls of England’ constructed?
  17. Years ago when listened to ‘Radio Luxembourg’. What No. on the dial was it?
  18. What is the name of the near circular little boats that a fisherman would stand in and get around on rivers?
  19. Where on the Welsh Boarders is the place often called ‘Book Heaven’?
  20. What mechanical function is described in the schoolboy analogy of -Suck-Squeeze-Pop-Bang?