Roger’s Quiz – Week Six

Answers to Roger by Wednesday!

  1. What is a ‘Corvette’?
  2. Of which country is ‘Freetown’ the Capitol and do you know how it got its name?- Two part question.
  3. Who invented and developed the drink ‘Pepsi Cola’?
  4. What is the highest point in Surrey and what day of the week could you go through to reach it?
  5. Give the names of the persons who set off to where! On a certain Grey Mare? Who owned it. Half a point for each name (riders and owner) and a whole point for the destination.
  6. My Mum sent me down to the Co op to buy some bits and told me I could keep any change. She gave a me Half Crown. She wanted Spuds. Carrots and some Sprouts. The Spuds were seven pence ha’penny. The Carrots were a Tanner a Pound and I bought one Pound and Eight Ounces worth. A bag of Sprouts were a Shilling. On the way home I bought a Penny Dreadful in Chuters. How much did I have left?
  7. Take the no. of degrees in a circle. Then take the width measurement of Standard Gauge Railway track in feet and inches. Change this no. to the no. of half inches that are between the tracks. Add them together and multiply that amount by 481? What number do you now arrive at. As a special concession this week persons who are not members of the Heathervale Steam Appreciation Society may look up Standard gauge on Mr. Google!
  8. Who took her young Son together with a Three year old bull and an Epath of flour and a Skin of wine to the house of the Lord at Shiloh?
  9. Which Motorway would you be on if you travelling into the Southampton area?
  10. Name five bones in the Human Body starting with the letter S (Sierra) with a Max of Seven letters?
  11. What name connects the Heroine of Hardy’s. Far from the Madding Crowd and a Woman whose husband David plans the murder of?
  12. Where is the Northern Most Railway Station in the UK.
  13. Name all the Spice Girls in 1998?
  14. Of what food item is a Portobello a large variety?
  15. What is the World’s Longest River?
  16. Where am I? It has some places with strange names. Like an area of water but there is not any. Somewhere the Beatles were going and a place of undrinkable water?
  17. On what day in 1066 was William the Con. crowned?
  18. What Village in Surrey is this: A Baby Food Maker and a Primary Colour?
  19. What calculation is used to obtain the area of a circle?
  20. Who in a Film, steered, pushed and pulled a boat through a river basin in a Southern Hemisphere location?