Roger’s Quiz – Week Four

Answers to Roger by Wednesday please!

  1. Who am I? I was on the night shift. It was a bit chilly. Tightening my cloak I settled down on a pile of straw. Someone was singing, “why don’t they shut up”, I thought. Just then the whole place started shaking like mad. There was commotion. I looked down the corridor to see all the doors swinging open. There all going to escape I’m done for. My sword where is it? I must fall on it. Then a voice shouted out “Stop, don’t do it. We are all here”. What happened next was nothing but amazing.
  2. Where in 1666 did someone overcook their supper?
  3. Which of the ‘Great Lakes’ is the largest?
  4. Which famous Cricketer was known as the Doctor?
  5. At Yuletide we have Christmas Cake. What for many is the Cake for Easter?
  6. If you add the distance to the Moon to the distance we are from the Sun. Then times it by the circumference of Earth. What number do you end up with? Please note all numbers to be rounded up or down to the nearest Million or Thousand Miles therefore giving you ‘Lots of Zeros’. You can use a calculator if it has a big enough screen!
  7. Where is ‘Easter Island’?
  8. Which English Sea Side resort is this? On a clear day if you stand on a high point you might see where the ‘Men of Harlech’ come from. O look out! Here comes one of those magnificent Equines. She is heading East, that wrong?
  9. In which sport did Tony Brooks take part?
  10. Which unit of Imperial weight is also the name of an endangered creature?
  11. Where not too far away! Were the world famous ‘Treacle Mines’ situated?
  12. Which song by ‘Abba’ is number one in the Top Ten of their songs?
  13. Name the Lock where the River Wey and the Navigation Canal separate?
  14. Who went ‘Cleaning Windows’ with his little Ukulele nearby?
  15. What is Addressed during a Caledonia celebration in January?
  16. What is the date on the ‘Grange Parade’ Stone Plaque over a local shop that was once our PO? This may be difficult with the ‘Stay in advice’ so here it is in Roman Numerals vis: MCMXXXIV.
  17. Who composed a Piano Concerto called the ‘Emperor’?
  18. What is the largest of the ‘Tigers’ in the world?
  19. Why is there a slight difference in the sound timing if you are listening on FM and the person in the room next door is following the same programme on a Sky Channel?
  20. Now if your car is less than 16yrs old and is not a Diesel then it will have one of these in it—– TAALCITYC NORVREETC – Decipher?