Roger’s Quiz – Week Two

To help keep us busy, Roger has started providing a weekly quiz. Week one was circulated by email, but here are the questions for week two. Answers to be submitted to Roger by Thursday.

  1. Who was Abraham’s 2nd wife?
  2. In 1533 who did Henry the 8th divorce and marry Anne Boleyn? – Full name required.
  3. Where might you hear about ‘Rockall’?
  4. Decipher the following to find the name of a local Golf Course. AISIDTTRNO
  5. Which Veg, has varieties of: Figaro & St. Valery?
  6. What is known by the electrical fact that Current in a circuit is equal to the Potential Difference ( Voltage) applied divided by the opposing Resistance being met? It is someone’s law.
  7. What is the largest FISH in the seas?
  8. Give the name and location of the two Abbeys within 5miles of New Haw?
  9. Which ‘Cowboy’ do you think of when you hear the William Tell overture by Rossini?
  10. Back in the days when we rode bikes! What did ‘Sturmey’ Archer’ and ‘Miller’ manufacture?
  11. What is the major religion of Japan?
  12. From which local road would we have accessed an Open Air, Swimming Pool? The buildings are still there!
  13. There are two Castle/ Monastery’s sitting on Tidal Islands one in France and one in the UK with very similar names. What are they called?
  14. What game did Chris on the ‘Eggheads’ say was a lot of overpaid men kicking an inflated ‘Pigs Bladder’ around?
  15. What tasty snack would ‘Emrys Jones’ a wonderful founder member of HV probably enjoyed? He married the widow of the first minister of our church.
  16. Number 10 on the Periodic Table is what gaseous element?
  17. Which very large ‘Raptor’ is now often seen in the Sky’s above New Haw?
  18. Where might you find a lot of Rabbits in New Haw?
  19. How can you tell that an upright piano is an ‘Overstrung’ one?
  20. What is the major difference between the type of train that would take you from Woking to Bournemouth and one that would take you from Woking to Exeter?