Heathervale Update – 19th March

This Sunday at 10.30am we are hoping to livestream a service (in our empty church) through Zoom, an internet platform. If all goes to plan we will send out an email to everyone on email giving them instructions on how they can register with Zoom and view  a live streaming worship service at 10.30am from Heathervale (only a few people will be in church – Martin preaching, a small number of musicians, someone on sound, someone to film). Please remember that the church is not open this Sunday and until further notice for worship.

For those not able to log in to the livestream service I will be sending out my sermon in writing (please request if you want a copy) and we will be recording the service onto CD/DVD – again please ask Evelyn in the office if you want a copy.

As it is Mothering Sunday this Sunday, please try to remember those isolated at home – please be proactive in phoning or video calling people to stay in touch.

My theme for this Sunday is “Carrying one anothers’ burdens’ from Galatians 6 v 2-10. This is a time for us to look out for one another, to keep in touch using the phone, social media, texts. We can show Christ’s love for one another by listening to someone on the phone, by comforting and encouraging others in their anxiety, by sharing humour with one another, through practical acts of kindness.

We still have the Hope Easter magazines to give out to our local community. We hope to be able to post these through doors with Easter flyers informing people that as a church we will try to serve our local community and invite people to make us aware of any needs they might have and to encourage people to join our live streaming of Sunday services. 

Please note that we are regularly updating our website with guidance and prayer ideas and resources from the Baptist Union which provide advice and guidance for us in areas such as guidelines for pastoral care and visiting, keeping in contact through social media and daily updates of prayer resources and daily online videos on a tour of the Bible.

For example yesterday there is new guidance from the Baptist Union relating to marriages and funerals during the Coronavirus crisis.

On the top right button of our website “Coronavirus updates” you can find all the Baptist Union updates and resources.

I hope a number of you are able to join our livestream worship service at 10.30am this Sunday. But let us stay connected and make every effort to keep in contact. Why don’t you pick up the phone to a number of people in the church who are in the over 70s age group and stay connected!! 

Lets use this opportunity to be the body of Christ to one another, connected and interdependent members who all need one another. Let us “Bear one anothers’ burdens” – Galatians 6 v 10

Blessings and love to our church family

From Martin and all the leaders”


Additionally, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are calling for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday in response to the coronavirus pandemic.